Site Lock

SiteLock Essential Security

Protect your website from malware and malicious attacks. SiteLock offers services that monitor and protect your website with an effective approach to find, fix, and prevent attacks.

Guard your site from landing on search engine blacklists and protect yourself from costly downtime with SiteLock Essential, which will download data from your website, remove any malware and upload cleaned files.

Free Scan by Hosteady NG provides:

  • Limited Malware Detection
  • Scan for 5-10 web pages
  • Google Blacklist Monitoring

SiteLock Essential provides:

  • Automated Malware Detection
  • Scan for unlimited web pages
  • Google Blacklist Monitoring
  • Automated Malware Removal
  • File-Level Scanning
  • XSS Scripting Protection
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • Plugin/Web App Scanning
  • Weekly Scan Report
  • 12 hr Ticket Response Time
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